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SpaceCat - the 3D/6DOF-SpaceMouse alternative for CG artists

3D Mouse

About SpaceCat

SpaceCat is an alternative 3D/6DOF-SpaceMouse for CG artists. Its softly elastic suspension enables both position and velocity control for optimal usability and ergonomics. It is being developed for Blender for e.g. navigation, motion capture and posing. It offers an alternative to the standard mouse and thereby helps avoiding repetitive strain injuries (RSI).
As the next step a proof of concept with a CG artist is needed. If you know how to save time using SpaceCat, please contact me. Your ideas could prove very rewarding for both you and the project. Else, if you'd be interested to eventually buy a SpaceCat from an initial batch or interested in a demo, please also drop me an email. After many years, SpaceCat is visible again, and this certainly enhances the chances for a great product idea!

For more information, check out our video gallery, the PDF "SpaceCat for CG Artists" and the scientific paper "Softly Elastic 6DoF Input".

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6DOF Space Mouse
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